Managed Collaboration Tools

Create a secure working environment that meets your employees needs with our managed collaboration tools.

Managed Collaboration Tools

Boost productivity
in your team using:


Sharable files for seamless sharing


Chat for constant contact with your team


Synchronised mail and calendar


Easy-to-edit office suite


Collaborate online, anywhere

Our managed collaboration tools, based on NextCloud, offer a robust and flexible solution for data management and collaboration. You'll get complete data control, giving you the ability to store and share data securely, wherever you are. Even better – your data can be kept right here in the UK!

Everything's tailored to your needs, so you won't run out of storage or pay for capacity that you don't need.

Simply add our collaboration tools to your managed services solution.


What do our collaboration tools look like?

With our managed collaboration tools, you can sync files, chat to team members, share calendars and edit as a group.



Sync files, photos and documents across devices and platforms with ease. Access everything, on desktop or mobile, for seamless sharing of data and real-time updates. Lock documents to prevent editing conflicts and find everything in one place so you don't have to go hunting.

And you don’t have to worry about strangers accessing your data, as we’ve got powerful encryption software keeping you protected.



Set up private calls with your team on browser or mobile so you've always got contact wherever you are. Whether you're sharing your screen or keeping things private, you can use our fully self hosted, on-prem service. You can even invite external participants for those all important networking calls.

And if you need to share a document or idea, the integrated chat and whiteboard means everyone can say their bit.



Use our easily accessible web interface to view calendars and contacts and make sure everyone is in the loop when you need them to be. Emails, calendars and contacts are all kept on your own infrastructure, so with our help all your data will be secure and private, without any third party access.

Show when you're out of office, keep chats organised, manage your inboxes and even use AI to help prioritise your daily workflow.



Use the online suite to make edits to presentations, spreadsheets and documents on whichever browser works best for you. Your documents will display exactly as they would if they were printed, so you'll always get top quality viewing.

Every document is kept in one place to make things easy to find and you can make notes with your team as if they were next to you. And if lists are your thing, there's a feature for that!


Why choose managed collaboration tools?

Looking for a versatile, secure data management and collaboration solution? Share with your team, enhance productivity and stay available, whether you're on your sofa, on the train or in the office.

Your data, held securely

Set access authorisations or monitor and log all activity so you're always in the loop. This also means all compliance guidelines are followed, making reporting and auditing simple. And all your data is kept safe in our UK-based data centres.

Flexibility and efficiency

Chat to your team quickly in your own online office. With built-in apps to support meetings and sharing, you can do everything within your cloud. Get calendars, addresses, emails connections and a Kanban board to help workflow.

Available wherever, whenever

Your data is always available on any device. Everything is automatically synchronised, so you always have the latest versions. Use the apps on any available platforms, with desktop sync clients for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Great performance

We're ISO 27001 certified, so your data is safe with all the latest features. We configure backups when you need them, and our platform protects you against DDoS attacks. Our tools are built on the leading European cloud infrastructure.


What can managed collaboration tools be used for?

Our managed collaboration tools have a use for all types of business, club or media and can help you to keep your team all on the same page.

Media and advertising

With digital data management, you can share internal and external files of any size. And it's ideal for using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

Financial and legal advice

With server-side encryption options, advanced data access controls and compliance and audit logging capabilities, running your financial or legal service has never been easier or safer.

Clubs and associations

Organise events and assign edit and upload rights to individual members. Plus, give everyone a transparent overview of any data changes implemented.


Tier IV-certified, secure, reliable

Our UK-based data centres are Tier IV-certified. This means we've got the highest levels of security, both physical and digital. Plus, they're powered by 100% renewable energy! So your data is in safe hands, while also taking care of the environment. It doesn't get much better than that!


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