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Our UK data centres

Stacked with the latest hardware and running on 100% renewable energy, our UK data centres are at the core of what we do. Plus, our new Tier IV data centre in Worcester was built with performance and reliability in mind, so we can keep providing incredible service.


UK hosting packed with power

Our data centres are UK-based, in London and Worcester, containing all the best tech, ready to keep your data safe. We’ve got tons of space – 100s of racks and more than enough power in Worcester alone! Each module works as its own mini DC, so there’s no effect across the board if one fails. Plus, it gives us the possibility to expand over time.

With ProActive, you can also choose to host in one of our data centres in Europe!


Tier IV standard

We’ve invested a lot of time and passion into building a top-tier data centre in Worcester so we can give you even better managed cloud services. We’ve built it to the highest standards, which means great things for your data and performance.

99.999% availability

The highest levels of fault tolerance

Complete redundancy for all parts of the system

Perimeter protection and security fencing

Fire rated doors, walls and ceilings


What makes our data centres so impressive?

Your data is in safe hands at our data centres, full of the best features.

High-quality connectivity

Because our Worcester data centre is constructed to Tier IV standard, we can guarantee 99.999% availability. And geo-redundant 100Gb/s fibre optic connectivity means super-fast connectivity and uptime. Just one of the many reasons why you can trust us with your data.

It’s all in the details

Our new data centre delivers the best power usage effectiveness (PUE) with its rating of 1.3 or less. And we’ve put so much care into making sure we’re as green as possible, with features like green roofs, sustainable landscaping and bug hotels – sustainability down to the last detail.

Ready for the future

We’re always looking ahead and making sure we’re ready for whatever happens. Our Worcester data centre has a huge capacity of 38,501 sq ft. But its modular design means we can expand even further over time, with a high capacity for unrestrictive hosting.


Fast. Reliable. Secure. Sustainable.

Our UK-based data centres are stacked with all the latest tech and security features, and powered by 100% renewable energy. Plus, we’ve invested in our multi-million pound Worcester data centre, so you really do get the best performance.

100% renewable

As part of our efforts to stay as eco-friendly as possible, our data centres only use 100% renewable energy. We also don’t use any diesel for our generators, only sustainable HVO biofuel. And we’ve got an ISO 50001 certificate to back this up!

Solar energy

Up to 10% of the energy used at our Worcester data centre is supplied by solar panels, covering the entire roof. And in London, our data centre uses wind, hydro and solar energy too! Going green feels great, looks great and takes care of the planet.


Both of our data centres use different approaches, like Tata Steel’s Confidex Sustain wall and roof cladding, to create a carbon-neutral envelope. Plus, in London, we use innovative cooling systems and heat capture. So no matter what we do or where we do it, we’re keeping sustainability at the core.

Sustainable transport

Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming one of the more popular forms of transport. To keep up with this, we’ve introduced an electric car scheme for our teams. It’s a great way for us to encourage sustainable transport. Plus our Worcester data centre has installed electric car charging points too.


Security that can’t be beat

Keeping your data protected is the most important part of our job. With the help of some impressive features, we’ve done everything we can to give you only the best protection for your data.


Top-tier protection

We’re ISO 27001 certified. That means that we meet the highest industry standards for information security. So we’ll keep your data safe and secure in our data centres while you benefit from exceptional cloud services.


Security around the clock

It’s not just digital security that we prioritise. 3.6m-high fencing, perimeter protection, CCTV coverage, rigorous access control and an intruder alarm system means our physical security is just as impressive.


Flame safe

As well as our outdoor physical security, we’re ready to defend, with certified fire rated doors, walls and ceilings. Plus very early fire detection with aspirating smoke detection and high sensitivity sensors.


Want to know more?

Never heard of data centre tiers or want to know why they’re so important? We have a whole blog post explaining what goes into selecting a tier for a data centre and why Tier IV is the gold standard. Plus, we explain why you should look for a managed service provider, like us, supported by a Tier IV data centre.

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