We’ll protect
your servers

Not enough time or expertise to identify server vulnerabilities? We’ll take the job of scanning servers off your plate – helping you to understand vulnerabilities and take action sooner!


Did you know

50% of businesses reportedly experienced some form of cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months? Small companies need to take security seriously and that means regularly monitoring servers to identify vulnerabilities and taking action early to prevent cyber threats – which is where our Vulnerability Detection service comes in…


ProActive scanning –
it’s in the name

Think of us as an extension of your team – without the overheads! Rely on us to regularly scan your cloud servers for potential weak points so you can reduce risk exposure and mitigate vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

With us on your side, you’ll get the details of vulnerabilities, highlighting areas that may need further attention and recommendations to best protect your servers and your data from cyber threats.


Why Fasthosts ProActive Vulnerability Detection?

From confronting threats to maintaining compliance, you’ll get lots of benefits when you hand over the responsibility of detecting vulnerabilities to us…

Identify threats

We’ll regularly scan public-facing IPs to identify and highlight potential security vulnerabilities before they become a problem – like Log4Shell and security misconfiguration.

Stay compliant

We’ll support your security compliance certifications and standards, like ISO 27001/27002, SOC 2, and Cyber Essentials, by showing that vulnerability scanning is in place.

Prevent breaches

We’ll perform ad hoc scans when required or requested to identify security weaknesses leaving you exposed to cyber threats that might result in some nasty data breach.


Why do you need us to detect server vulnerabilities?

  • We have the time and in-house resources to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • We have a team of cyber security specialists
  • We keep up to date with threats as they emerge and change and are constantly learning to protect our own platforms. This means you don’t have to!

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