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From public to private cloud, once we’ve designed it, we’ll use the latest technology to build your solution. Fancy learning more about our amazing tech? You’ve come to the right place.


Growing your cloud infrastructure

We want to make sure you’re operating as efficiently as possible. So, by harnessing the power of public cloud for our services, we create flexible solutions that can scale with your business and streamline your infrastructure.


Scalable cloud computing

Future-proofing your applications, with VMs automatically deployed on dedicated cloud resources, keeping your systems ready for any workload.


Ready to deploy

Cost-effective, scalable cloud servers used to handle temporary peaks in workload, maximising flexibility, with attached high-performance NVMe storage for extra power.


Agile development

Automatic deployment and scaling of your container-based workloads in the cloud. Get the assurance of consistent performance with maximum reliability and availability.


Worry-free databases

Fully scalable without the hassle of database server administration. Combined with low-latency and great performance giving you the resources for the most demanding environments.


Data storage versatility

Designed to meet the demands of data-sharing, archiving and big data at enterprise scale.

Store and manage variable data volumes in a fully flexible solution and maximise interoperability with completely native S3 Object Storage that complies with all S3 standards.


Dedicated performance and security

All the benefits of a cloud environment, with resources just for you. High levels of security thanks to dedicated hardware, all hosted in our ISO-certified, high-performance data centres.


Secure virtualisation

Offering flexible, secure and cost-effective segregated environments which can be controlled as easily as on-premise infrastructure from the global leader in virtualisation.


Centralised management

Simplify infrastructure management with automated deployment, updates and configuration taken care of, utilising top-tier technology while minimising costs.


Storage virtualisation

Extend virtualisation to storage and manage compute and storage resources on a single platform. Future-proof hybrid cloud platforms to deliver faster operations and improved business agility.


Full network protection

Enhanced protection and segmentation that focuses on cloud-native and multi-cloud environments. Provides software-defined infrastructure simplifying operations in networking and security.


Dependable data protection

No matter your solution, your data needs to be protected. We’re partnered with Acronis, as the market-leading backup pioneer, to provide integrated backup solutions and secure data storage in European data centres.

Whether it’s accidental or malicious, business-critical data will be guarded against deletion with a complete backup strategy.


Always available whatever the demand

From edge to core, we can simplify network management, seamlessly scale up and protect your IT infrastructure against downtime.


Reliable multi-layer redundancy

Automatically distributing traffic over several servers, we minimise disruption and keep your business operating when demand peaks. Built-in health checks and dynamic algorithms keep your solution online.


VM and application security

Connect private VMs to public repositories without worry of external compromise. We safeguard your solution, preventing unauthorised traffic by separating internal traffic from the internet.


Server downtime prevention

Malicious and DDoS attacks are on the rise. Our platform consistently delivers DDoS protection, meaning your infrastructure and data remains secure and resilient, with constantly updated automatic filtering.


Fast. Reliable. Secure. Sustainable.

We’ve invested in a brand new data centre, situated in Worcester. With state-of-the-art technology, it hosts one of the largest cloud platforms in Europe.

Designed to Tier IV standards

Designed and constructed to a Tier IV standard, the data centre is connected to the core of the UK’s fibre backbone network, and operates to the highest standards of physical security, and energy management.

Built with sustainability in mind

Being as environmentally-friendly as possible is at the forefront of the data centre design – with a wide range of sustainable, energy-efficient features, including solar photovoltaic panels which cover up to 10% of the site’s energy usage.

Future-proof design

Offering a huge capacity of up to 38,501 sq ft, the data centre features a new modular design, with each module functioning like a mini DC in its own right, and the ability to expand over time.


Connected across the globe

With our Worcester DC and its sister sites across London, Europe and the United States, we provide the geo-redundancy, reliability and connectivity to support the most mission critical applications.

  • Worcester
  • London
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Logroño
  • Las Vegas
  • New Jersey

Stay in control
of your data

You’re never locked-in. Our platform is designed to work with open-source or proprietary applications. And you stay in control of your data, with data sovereignty, 100% GDPR compliance, and protection from the US CLOUD Act. Plus enjoy low-cost performance with real savings from a scalable, agile, reliable and secure platform and transparent billing.

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