How we work

We help businesses easily transfer and manage their data, applications, and systems, making the usually complex migration process as simple and quick as possible. We take on the responsibility of planning, executing and monitoring, without disrupting your business.


The process

Whether you know it as ‘Infrastructure Migration’, ‘Data Migration Service’, or ‘IT Migration Service’, with our fully-managed cloud services, we’ll stick with you at every step, making sure your systems continue to work without disruption. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re moving from an on-premise solution, are co-located in another data centre, or are already with another provider. We can transfer you from anywhere.



We’ll start by looking at the current environment, applications, data, and infrastructure to understand the size of the migration and any potential challenges. We’ll then talk with you, create goals and make a plan.

Once we’ve got a plan, we’ll prepare the new environment, by setting up infrastructure and configuring storage and access.



We'll work with you to start the migration at a time that’s suitable for you, so we can minimise any disruption. We'll transfer files, data and databases from any source to the target environment, using secure data migration tools.

We then plan data integrity checks and maintain configuration details to ensure your data stays intact, secure and we're aware of any specific customisations required.


Test and go live

After migration, we work with you to carry out extensive testing to confirm functionality and performance and to make sure the migrated resources are compatible.

Once testing is successful, we’ll make the change from the source to the target environment, including switching DNS and coordinating downtime to reduce disruption.

A final data sync is performed and the system is closely monitored to check for any issues.



After the migration and testing are complete, we provide Hypercare. This means our Support Team will monitor your systems to check for any issues and address them quickly.

Our Client Success Manager will have regular calls with you to address any concerns and get an update on the progress, stability and performance.

We'll also carry out sessions with your IT team so they know how the migrated environment works and can manage it effectively.


Why migrate to us

There’s so many reasons to migrate to us. We’ll handle any necessary updates, you’ll get improved data security, less downtime and a faster workflow. Plus, you'll also get continuous support and sustainable, secure data centres. Sounds pretty good, right?

Fully managed

We offer fully managed cloud services for your infrastructure, meaning we take care of everything for you. When we say fully managed, we mean it.

Trust and expertise

Our 25 years of experience shows we know our stuff. Plus with Tier IV-certified data centres, you can trust us to keep things secure.


Powered by 100% renewable energy, with solar panels, electric car charging and a carbon neutral design, our data centres are as green as can be.

Real support

Not bots here. Just real support from real people, 24/7. Our UK Support Team is here to help with anything you need. Just give us a call.

Full control

You won’t be left in the dark with us. We’ll collaborate with you and always keep you in the loop. Plus, we’ll only make changes with your go-ahead.

Your resources

Spend less time worrying and more time running your business. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus your resources on what matters.


We've got this

Ready to migrate to us? We’ll take your infrastructure to the next level. No more wasting valuable time worrying about managing and maintaining your migration. We’ve got it covered. What are you waiting for?


Let’s chat

Our support team is ready and waiting for your call. Got questions about migration, cloud or what we do? Get in touch via our contact form or speak to us over the phone. We’re ready to help you build the right solution for your infrastructure.

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