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We get it. Managing servers takes time, expertise, and constant knowledge updates. Use us as the team to take care of your servers and ultimately your business by keeping you online and available 24/7.


Day-to-day cloud server management

Our experts are your experts! You can count on them to take care of the day-to-day management of your cloud server, keeping a stable environment for your vital business applications.

But that isn’t all. We’ll look after system configurations and related documentation and provide capacity management for compute resources, networking, and storage with our system management software.


Why Fasthosts ProActive Server Management?

With optimal performance and maximum uptime, you’ll see plenty of benefits when we manage your servers…

Incidents are resolved 24/7

We’ll identify any issues and take immediate action to limit risk exposure. If something does go wrong, we’ll work with third-party vendors to resolve incidents – so you’ll no longer have to worry about restarting services at 2am.

Keep downtime to a minimum

We’ll make sure your systems stay up and running by optimising your infrastructure and minimising downtime, so your business is always online – that’s right, 24/7.

Optimise your server’s performance

We’ll optimise configurations and OS parameters to maintain the performance and availability of your system – maximising the efficiency and responsiveness of your servers to ensure smooth and optimal operations.


Why do you need us to manage your servers?

  • We have the teams to constantly keep an eye on server capacity, performance and availability
  • We have the time, experience and expertise to manage your servers
  • We know what it means to recruit, train, and retrain engineers

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Ready to reduce incidents?

Our team will make sure your systems run smoothly at all times. Get in touch with us at 0333 111 2000 or pop your details into the contact form below to get started.

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